Assembly notes:

  • In the corners of the Curiosity body (from below), there are holes where you should tap an M3 thread.
  • The inside of the PNEU is conical. The smaller inner diameter of the PNEU corresponds to the outer side of the wheels. Slide the Disk from the inside (larger inner diameter).
  • Use rubber cement for gluing.
  • Ensure that the chassis is aligned during gluing (both arms have the same slope!).
  • Glue the camera in place.
  • For the joints on the arm with the drill, you can either glue them (recommended) or seal them so that they rotate with some resistance.
  • The wheels should fit tightly; if they keep falling off, you can solve it by dipping the expanded ends of the axles in Hercules glue and allowing them to dry. Repeat until you achieve the desired result.

Assembly of wires:

  • Attach the AAA battery holder to the bottom lid with the Micro:bit. Insert the power connector into the Micro:bit.
  • Cut the red power wire so that you have 5cm of wire remaining from the power connector. Thread both ends through the hole in the rear part of the rover to the location where the switch will be. Solder both ends to the switch and bend them (the hole for the switch is not very deep).

Parts in STL files:

  1. DISK_ES.stl 6 pcs silver color
  2. KAMERA_ES.stl 1 pc white color
  3. PNEU_ES.stl 6 pcs black color
  4. PODVOZEK_L_ES.stl 1 pc gray (silver) color
  5. PODVOZEK_P_ES.stl 1 pc gray (silver) color
  6. RUKA_DOLNI_ES.stl 1 pc white color
  7. RUKA_HORNI_ES.stl 1 pc white color
  8. TELO_ES.stl 1 pc white color
  9. VIKO_ES.stl 1 pc white color
  10. VRTACKA_ES.stl 1 pc silver (gray) color

Wires for the laser should be threaded through the camera and stand, and wires of the same color should be soldered to them. For the red wire, insert a 62-ohm resistor (this is to reduce the laser power to prevent accidental eye damage when it's turned on). At the other end of the wires, solder eyelets for the diameter of the M3 screw hole (see the image). Now, you can screw the Micro:bit to the bottom lid of the rover. Connect the red wire from the laser to PIN 0 and the blue (black) wire to GND.


  • Micro:bit 2 pcs (one as part of the rover, the other as a controller)
  • Laser 1 pc (5mW with a limiting resistor)
  • 62-ohm resistor 1 pc (250mW)
  • Small switch 1 pc
  • Original battery holder 1 pc
  • AAA batteries 2 pcs
  • M3 screw 6 pcs
  • M3 nut 2 pcs
  • Red and blue wires, soldering eyelets for M3