Assembly notes:

  • The inside of the PNEU is conical. The smaller inner diameter of the PNEU corresponds to the outer side of the wheels. Slide the Disk from the inside (larger inner diameter).
  • Use rubber cement for gluing.
  • Ensure that the chassis is aligned during gluing (both arms have the same slope!).
  • Glue the camera in place.
  • For the joints on the arm, you can either glue them (recommended) or seal them so that they rotate with some resistance.
  • The wheels should fit tightly; if they keep falling off, you can solve it by dipping the expanded ends of the axles in Hercules glue and allowing them to dry. Repeat until you achieve the desired result.

Parts in STL files:

  1. DISK_SM.stl 6 pcs silver color
  2. KAMERA_SM.stl 1 pc white color
  3. PNEU_SM.stl 6 pcs black color
  4. PODVOZEK_L_SM.stl 1 pc gray (silver) color
  5. PODVOZEK_P_SM.stl 1 pc gray (silver) color
  6. RUKA_DOLNI_SM.stl 1 pc white color
  7. RUKA_HORNI_SM.stl 1 pc white color
  8. TELO_SM.stl 1 pc white color
  9. VRTACKA_SM.stl 1 pc silver (gray) color